Local 056 covers approximately 2000 members from Jasper to Cold Lake and north. Local 056 is divided into ten chapters. We represent all general support services (GSS) workers in the health region in that geographical area.



    Please take the time to watch this video. Seniors care crisis in Alberta ! Great work Anti Pri Committee !!!       watch.htm

  • AGM Time Local 56 !

    Local 56 members come on out to your chapter meetings and have a voice! Meet your current Chapter Executives , Your VP , Glen Scott and Mike Dempsy.

  • New Website Bargaining

    Check out this website and send in your Letter to the HEALTH MINISTER! Let him know how you feel about bargaining

  • Calenders

    Calendars will not be ready until mid February 2015!

  • Smartphone App in Development

    In order to leap into the 21st Century, I am developing a smartphone app to bring you faster and more complete information right at your fingertips!  It will include RSS feeds from the AUPE main website as well as updates (and yes, there will be more of them) from this website.  Once it is live, it will be announced here.  Hopefully, if I'm smart enough it will be available for iPhone as well.

  • New website

    Local 056 is testing a new website. Let us know what you think!

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